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Last modification: September 2017

Welcome to Limen Graphic Design, the personal project of corporate image designer Paula Luciana Rusconi.

When you access limengraphicdesign.com site, a legal bound is created with the present terms, and it is considered that they are accepted. This is the reason way, it is important for you to read the TOU before using the site.

If you find the present terms non-acceptable, please stop using the Site.


Limen reserves the rights to make parcial or total modifications of the Site’s content and the present terms. Said changes may be produced at any moment and without prior notice. It is recommendable to check the TOUs periodically to be up-to-date with the modifications.

The last date of modifications will be displayed at the top of the document.

intelectual property

Every material (texts, designs, illustrations and photographs) present on this Site are protected by intelectual property and copyright laws. Any use, copy, transfer, share, sale, and/or modification total or parcial of the material is completely prohibited, except if a written permission is granted by the author.

The material included on this Site is property of Limen Graphic Design - Paula Luciana Rusconi - or they were use with the correct license.


Limen Graphic Design is the personal brand of designer Paula Luciana Rusconi. All the contents on the Site pretends to shop her professional abilities and work ethics, in addition to offer her services and designs to the general public.

The Site has four major sections with different types of content:

  • Home: This section expreses all the information referred to the brand, and it answers to the follow questions: who, what and how.
  • Work: This section shows projects designed by Limen. It wants to show her habilites and style.
  • Shop: This section offers different designs for personal and/or commercial uses. Some of the products are ideal supplies for other designers and business owners.
  • Contact: This section opens a direct contact possibility.


The images used on limengraphicdesign.com design are property of:

  • Backgrounds: Design Panoply
  • Photography (Home): freeimages.com & pixabay.com


Limen Graphic Design allows to share the presentation images of its designs on social media provided that authorship is respected and the necessary credit and attribution is given (e.g. © Limen Graphic Design. www.limengraphicdesign.com). This permission does not mean copyright transfer. All rights remains with the author.

The Patterns, Textures, Illustrations, Graphics and Clip Arts available on the shop section include the following license. This license under no circumstances means a transfer of copyrights:


Non-transferable, Non-exclusive, Royalty-Free, Credit Required License.

This license allows you a personal and small commercial use of Limen Designs (“the designs”) that includes the application of “the designs” on 1 (one) client’s project, or the production and sell of up to 500 finished items created with “the designs”. This manufacturing limitation applies to the kit as a whole, not to its individual elements.

Credit is required for commercial purposes (printed or digital) & any online displays. The credit line must ready: “© Limen Graphic Design (limengraphicdesign.com)". For other applications, it is not required but greatly appreciated.

Below you can find a list of permitted and not permitted uses of “the designs”.


  • Apply “the designs” on one client’s project. This client will be bound to the present terms.
  • Use “the designs” for educational purposes.
  • Design, Make and Sell finished printed products using “the designs”.
  • Design, Make and Sell digital products using “the designs”. The final file must be flattened, and must not allow the easy access to “the designs”.
  • Use “the designs” on branding, marketing and advertising material.
  • Create website elements for your personal or business page applying “the designs”.


  • Claim “the designs” as your own.
  • Re-sell, distribute or share “the designs” digital files as is, altered, or as part of kit (e.g. scrapbook kits).
  • Sell “the designs” printed as supply or resource, as is, altered, or as part of a kit.
  • Use “the designs” in an electronic format that enable it to be easily copied.
  • Apply and/or sell “the designs” on Print on Demand items and websites (e.g. RedBubble, Society6, Zazzle, etc.).
  • Create logos/brand-marks.
  • Use “the designs” in any way that would be consider pornographic, obscene, immoral, infringing or prejudice in nature.

Other Licenses available upon request: Medium and Large Production, Reproduction on to fabric, No Credit Required. Please contact me for further information.


The products license can be modified without any prior notice. Those changes will be available from the moment of publication and they will be applied to every purchase made from that moment on. It is recommended to download the current license version available at the purchase moment.

selling policies

Limen offers three types of products/services through out the Site, and all of them are digital:

  • Pre-Made Designs: These designs were created prior to there publication date, and they do not require any modification. The designs included are: patterns, textures, calendars, clip arts, etc.
  • Personalized Designs: These designs include parts that were created before, and some parts that will be personalized with the customer's information. Some party goods (e.g. invitations) are part of this category.
  • Custom Designs: This service is not provided on the shop. It requires direct contact with the designer, who will collect all the necessary information and will create the item.

The prices of the Shop section are express in U.S. dollars. The integrated payment system is Paypal, and you can pay with Paypal itself or a credit card.

All payments must be made upfront before any delivery or design is made. If a Custom Design is big enough, a payment schedule can be arranged.

European Union Customers

Due to VAT policies on digital products, PreMade Designs will be sent as attachements on several e-mail, which number will dependend on files' size.

Argentinean Customers

The payments can be made through Mercado Pago or with a bank wire transfer. Please send a message for further information.

Customers form India, South Korea, Russia, Serbia & Bangladesh

Due to the policies on digital products and services purchases, the site reserves the right to sell to those countries. If you proceed with the check out process and complete the payment, your money will be refunded to you within the next 48 business hours.

shipping methods

All the products offered on the Site are digital. The items will be sent to your email address (directly or through a download link). The payment is required prior to delivery.

The files can be re-sent during a month after purchase. You will need to purchase the item again if you want it after that month.

turnaround time

Already Made Designs will be send to you within 1 to 2 business days after payment is completed.

Personalized Designs will be send within 1 to 4 business days after payment is completed and the information for personalization is delivered to the designer by the customer.

Custom Designs turn around times will depend on the type of project. An estimated time frame is 5 to 10 business days to receive the first set of concepts, and 1 to 2 business days for each revision. All the estimated times will depend on the customers feedback time during each step of the process.

All the time frames presented are an estimation, and each project characteristics can modified them. If customers’ feedback is required, and the information is not delivered promptly, the time frame can be modified too.


Limen will make all the necessary efforts to provide high quality designs and a pleasant experience. However, if any problem occurs, refunds will be given under the following circumstances.

Already Made Designs

  • A complete refund will be given if you ask for it before the files are sent. If they have been already sent, given the nature of the product, no refund will be given.
  • If the files present any problem, they will be resent.

Personalized Designs

  • A complete refund will be given if you ask before the proof is sent to you.

privacy policy

Limen treats all the information provided with the most confidentiality. The purpose of that information is to allow and improved the Sites functionality. The information will not be shared with third party while the law allows it.

Types of data

  • Personal information (name, email, address, etc): It is obtain through the contact form and payment process. This information is used to allow the purchase process, to provide a service, to improve the site’s experience, and others. It is posible to browse the site without giving this time of information, but they are necessary for contact and purchase reasons.
  • Non-personal Information: It is collected when you use and access the site. Data collected can be browser name, type of device used, operating system. This information allows to analyze who people get to the site, and who to approach communication strategies.


This Site can use cookies to ease the Site’s experience. If you want, you can block them within your browser’s configuration.

Google Analytics

The Site use Google Analytics services to collect non-personal information. This service uses cookies. Please check out their Terms and Conditions for their particular site.


All the payments are done through Paypal. This service allows you to make purchases in a safe way without reveling sensitive information like credit card or bank account numbers. Please check out their Terms and Conditions for further information.

third party sites

The Site presents links to third party's webpages. Each one of them are govern by their own Terms of Use and Privacy Policies. Please, keep to each sites' norm while you use them.

limitation of liability

Limen Graphic Design Sites is offered as is, without warranties of any kind. Its use is at your own risk.

Even though great efforts were made and will continue, Limen and no person related to it will be held responsible for any type of loss, damage and harm (to your property or person) that can be produced by: 1) the use or inability to use the Site; 2) errors and omissions of the information; 3) the decisions made based on the Site’s information; 4) use and access of third party websites.

If you have any question about the terms, please do not hesitate to contact me.